"Secret Weapons"

National Geographic Explorer/MSNBC production featuring CJ Kim's Lab.
Aired Sunday, March 16 at 8pm ET/PT on MSNBC.

Professor Kim's lab was featured in the National Geographic Explorer/MSNBC production of "Secret Weapons", which aired Sunday, March 16, 2003 at 8pm ET/PT on MSNBC.  The feature focused on animals and plants that have evolved to be "nature's warriors", surviving in harsh environments by evolving an arsenal of abilities and weapons. Professor Kim's lab has been studying the physics of the microscopic world and developing microdevices inspired by the insects flourishing in the miniature world.
Additional information can be found at the National Geographic Website

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Secret Weapons
National Geographic Explorer/MSNBC
Produced and Directed by Nick Stringer
Supervising Producer Sarah Cunliffe
Edited by Salvatore Vecchio, Rick Aplin
Sync Photography Rob Goldie, Ben Herbertson, Steven Harper
Natural History Photography Tony Allen
Principal Sound Recordist George Shafnacker
Production Manager Angela Palmerton
Associate Producer and Natural History Director Emma Ross
Researcher Mark Woodward
Music Williams-Biondo Music
3D Design and Digital Effects BBC Digital Effects, London
Special Effects Rick Aplin
Writer Jeff Shear
Narrator Simon Barritt Arnstein
A Big Wave Production for National Geographic Television