Professor Chang-Jin (CJ) Kim, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1991)

MEMS and nanotechnology, including design and fabrication of micro/nano structures, actuators, and systems, with a focus on the use of surface tension. Special topics include electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD); drag reduction by superhydrophobic surfaces; miniature fuel cells. SEE MORE

Phone: (310) 825-0267



Undergaduate Students

Tong Wu

Anti-biofouling project: The biofouling is the grow of microorganisms on the submerged surfaces in sea water. Our project is to test whether the superhydrophobic (SHPo) surfaces can prevent biofouling.


Visiting Students

Yuta Ujiie

Research on Shear stress of airflow

Zeyu Wang

Control science and engineering, Electronics and smart grids, MEMS, robotics